The Nutrition Program
by Jenny Ridgwell


Getting started

How can I contact The Nutrition Program?
All support is handled electronically to ensure your needs are well documented and our responses are knowledgeable and meet the purpose of your enquiry. We always reply quickly to your emails during the hours of 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Do I need to install anything?
No. The Program is accessed online, so does not require installation or any software. You will be given a username and password which you can use anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Will The Nutrition Program run on my computer?
The most likely answer to that question is Yes. The Nutrition Program will work on a PC and a MAC or basically any computer that has an internet browser. It does rely on your internet connection, so if your network is slow you may experience issues.

Which subjects in school can use the Nutrition Program?
The main subject areas using this program are Food Preparation and Nutrition, Food Technology, Home Economics and Catering. But there are many other subjects and school areas which study nutrition, recipes, meals and diets. 

I have not received my login details.
If you have signed up for a trial version, and chosen your username and password yourself, then these are the details that remain the same for your subscription. If you have sent us a purchase order then we will set the username and password ourselves. We will send you details of these after payment has been received (which should be within 14 days of invoice date), and should be within 48 hours.

I've forgotten my password.
Click here and fill in your email to be sent your details again. If you registered your account in an old email address that you no longer use, then email us to change it. If you are a student, then ask your teacher for your login details.

How do I set up my students accounts and how do I change them after a year?
Once you have purchased a subscription you are responsible for managing student usernames, passwords and clearing accounts. First login the school within the Teacher Login to manage your users. You see a list of users, with random letters generated by the program. You can change the usernames and all the passwords. Each student can be given their own username, or you can use those on the automatic system. Be aware that we have over 100,000 students registered for the program, so choose usernames and passwords that you think are unique. DO NOT USE STUDENT NAMES FOR USERNAMES AS THIS INFRINGES GDPR REGULATIONS.

When you want to change the users, tick to “Clear the account”, which empties it of the work, then type in the new username to replace the username that you want to change. Finally click Update and the new student has a new username and a fresh, empty account to work with.You can update a large list of student usernames using our csv system in Teacher login.

Clearing all your usernames using the csv account - download your list and see
A = current username
B= current password
You then need to fill in
C= new username
D= new password
You cannot have any of the same usernames as last year or it will reject the file.
ALL columns A-D need to be filled in and ALL rows numbered.
Then upload.

How do I clear my recipes?
Open your account. Go to My Recipes and you see a list of recipes. Beside each recipe on the right hand side there is a red circle with line through. Click it and click Are you sure, then OK and the recipe has gone. You need to do them one by one.

How do I clear all my student recipes?
Open your Teacher login and scroll down to the list of students. You need to clear their accounts one by one. Click the Clear account button then click Update. The account is emptied.

Will the program work on the ipad or iphone?
Yes. We have written The Nutrition Program in html so that it will operate on an ipad, with more features coming soon.

Our school is part of a consortium of several schools. Can we have one licence?
No, the Nutrition Program licence is for each individual address based on one postcode. Schools with different postcodes need separate licences.

My school can't afford the program - what do you suggest?
There is funding through Pupil Premium which can be used for Raising Standards and The Nutrition Program meets the criteria.

How will I know when my account is due to expire?
The program sends an automated email out to customers 21, 7 days and then 3 days before the account is due to expire. So please make sure you keep us up to date with your correct email address. You can also log into your teacher account, and it will show you how long you have until the subscription ends. We use the emails you provide.

The program has worked for years and now students can't access the ingredients.
Some schools have Filtered servers for students which are administered at county level. Ask  IT to check and see if the Nutrition Program can be released from this filtering system. Try it from a different internet connection to determine whether the school firewall might be interfering. Sometimes school firewalls can filter out the list of ingredients as they might think one of the ingredients sounds like alcohol or something like that.

This is the url that sometimes causes problems, because it contains text like 'Alcohol-free lager' and school firewalls are often configured to pick up on the word alcohol. It also needs to allow versions of that url with a query string tagged on e.g.

What specification does the program need to run?      
The Nutrition Program is an HTML and Javascript web application which runs over https - there is no dependency on Flash or Java applets. Most schools can run it without problem, although a small number of schools find that a component of McAfee virus scan (called ScriptScan) can slow things down, and they need to 'whitelist' the Nutrition Program url - see Q16.

Do some Virus scanners interfere with the program?
A component called ScriptScan constantly checks the JavaScript in webpages. McAfee are aware that this can cause problems for some sites, and they have a feature that enables you to whitelist a site so that it will run quickly again.
To whitelist the Nutrition Program

  1. Open VirusScan console
  2. Right click on 'On-Access Scanner' and select 'Properties'
  3. In the On-Access Scan properties box, go to the ScriptScan tab
  4. Under ScriptScan URL exclusions, add the following URL:
  6. Click 'Apply' and 'OK' and then close and restart IE8

My 24 hour trial account only shows foods with letter A. Why is this?
So many people have been using the free trial and signing up with multiple emails we have limited its use to foods with A. Paid subscription accounts have all the ingredients available that we offer. Email us if you need longer.

The program has a slow connection when many students go online. What should I do?
Check with your IT support team at school and ask them the following questions:

Tip - avoid getting all your students logging in at the same time. Load the program in batches of 5 students.
Some teachers give their students the teacher login and they all log into one account at the same time and the program jams. Please DO NOT do this as it crashes - students should use their own account for their own work.

Single user accounts
This account is for one user only. If the account is used for multiple users then we will ask you to upgrade your subscription. Multiple users on this account will cause loss of work and crashing.

I can't see any of the ingredients when I search.
Does your school use Smooth Wall as a proxy server and have you changed the gateway? If you have changed to a ssl configured gateway for secure data this may be blocking our data from arriving in the program. Please ask IT for help with this to allow our program to be used. Also, check if your school screens out things with alcohol - this can prevent ingredients from loading.

Content questions

Costing of food - what if the price doesn't seem right?
If you think the food price is wrong please email us - there are 5000+ foods on the database, so some may be incorrect. Prices are checked about every 6 months but food costs are changing rapidly. Our prices come from online shops such as Sainsburys.
You can change the cost of the food product yourself. Go to My Recipe, Cost Analysis. Click on the food to change and click Edit cost in the bottom left of the screen. Enter the price that you are using.

Why are there no details or prices for organic, halal and fair trade ingredients?
The Food Standards Agency says that there is no nutritional difference between organic and ordinary food, so we have not included them. I know that the prices are different, but you will need to Edit and add your own prices as shown how in Q5.

I want to compare the nutrition of beef and chicken.
Open My Recipes and Find ingredient. Then choose beef and select one type. It says View Nutrition info and if you click it, it lists all the nutrition for that food. Copy to clipboard, and then paste into Word. Repeat for chicken.

How do I adapt the Recipe Sheet for my coursework?
Export the Recipes sheet using 'printable version'. Then copy the image and text that it shows and paste it into a Word document that you can change to suit your needs.

I can't see RIs for my recipes for vitamins and minerals.
There are no RIs for vitamins or minerals for a recipe which is why the boxes are empty. If you want to look at the contribution of vitamins and minerals to a diet, please access My Diets or My Meals.

I can't save the exported images for my work.
Your file association may not be set up properly. Go to Windows Help and Support section and type in File Association. Then associate your images with an image editing program. If this does not work get IT help or search on Google.

I want to see which foods in my recipe are high in iron.
In My Recipe click Nutrition info>Custom, scroll down and choose iron and tick - the chart will show you the amount of Iron, you can also look in Recipes>Find ingredient> Show me and choose Food high in iron. Hover over the Iron word and it gives you a breakdown by % of the iron in the food per ingredient.

There are no values for some of the micronutrients when we analyse recipes and we know they are there - Vitamin D and E for example.
When we have added new foods using supermarket data, the micronutrient information is not available. When you click Find ingredient, Enter amount - you see View Nutrition Info. Scroll down and if it says N/A then we do not have this data.
When you analyse a recipe and you see on Show All *Data for some ingredients is not available, this means data is missing and you can check each ingredient to see what is not on our database.

I want you to add my special ingredients to the database.
We can add ingredients if they are listed by the supermarket as we need costings per 100 grams and use recognised nutritional standards. We may not be able to add some ingredients if we can't find the correct information. Email us if you want this to happen.

I need ideas on raising funds to buy the Program please.
Ask about Pupil Premium funds or Gifted and Talented resources. Local supermarkets may offer financial support too.

Where does the Nutritional data come from?
The basis of the program is McCance and Widdowson, 6th Edition. When we update the site in 2017 The 7th Edition will be included. We also include foods from USDA and search Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and other suppliers to update information.

Where is data stored?
London, UK

If your question has not been answered here and you still need help then please email