The Nutrition Program
by Jenny Ridgwell

Nutrition Analysis for Recipes, Diets and Meals

Clear instructions and steps for students to use and follow. A program which they can access at home and in school. Detailed nutritional analysis on outcomes and individual ingredients which help with all key stages of food knowledge learners. - S Middleton Ashby School

Ease of use. Students can save time doing the costs, it is easy to use and navigate. - April Booker Oasis Academy Brightstowe

The program is well worth the financial investment, students find it easy to use and the task sheets are excellent to support learning. - Truro High School

I find the Nutrition Program to be an invaluable tool when teaching any type of GCSE Food course. It is well laid out and easy for pupils to navigate. It covers many elements of planning, pricing and nutrition which is important for any pupil undertaking a practical food course. - F Jakes Orchards Academy

The Nutrition Program is easy for students to use and it develops their knowledge and understanding of nutrition, recipe modification and product analysis. - Mrs Sharon Jones Ladybridge High School

A great program which is student-friendly, easy to use and does the job it is intended to do. It saves hours trawling websites to find out portion sizes and costs. The function of being about to create sensory profiles was a good addition and makes it easier than having to create this elsewhere. - Heidi Butt Highams Park School

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