The Nutrition Program
by Jenny Ridgwell

Worksheets · Food Technology

Worksheets which support GCSE Food Technology and A level

Lower the salt

This is a good controlled assessment task and this worksheet takes you through the steps.

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Allergens 2

This worksheet explores how to remove wheat and peanuts from a recipe so that the dish is allergen free.

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High in fat, sugar, salt

Worksheet to find 5 foods high in fat,sugar, salt. Uses My Recipes.

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Nutrition terms

Use hover overs to find meaning of terms - worksheet on 3 levels.

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This task is to find the allergens in a range of recipes. Students need to find the ingredients on the internet and enter them into the program.

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Which is the healthiest burger?

Put the veggie burger and the beefburger recipe into My Recipes and find out which one is the healthy choice.

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Design Idea A level

Design sheet provided by Rosemary Dyer, The Marlborough School, and used for A level Food Tech students

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