The Nutrition Program
by Jenny Ridgwell

Worksheets · Hospitality and Catering worksheets

For GCSE, BTEC and City and Guilds

Hospitality and Catering WJEC Task 2

This worksheet uses the Nutrition Program to help with research on Vegetarian meals for Task 2.

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Costing profiteroles

Work out the cost and selling price of profiteroles using the recipe provided. Worksheet from Fiona Dowling, Bradley Stoke Community School

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GCSE WJEC Evaluation Task 1

A worksheet by John Ross showing how to evaluate Task 1

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Meal for £5

This worksheet helps you make a meal for £5 using My Recipes and My Meals.

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Allergens 2

This worksheet explores how to remove wheat and peanuts from a recipe so that the dish is allergen free.

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