The Nutrition Program
by Jenny Ridgwell

Worksheets · Food and Nutrition

Worksheets for Home Economics GCSE

What is a healthy meal?

Use My Meals section to find out what is a healthy meal.

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This task is to find the allergens in a range of recipes. Students need to find the ingredients on the internet and enter them into the program.

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How healthy is your breakfast?

This task uses My Meals to work out how healthy some breakfast choices are.

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My diet

How healthy is your diet - use My Diets to analyse your diet.

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Iron rich meal for teenager 1

This worksheet shows how to use My Meals to find out if the meal supplies enough iron. Questions supplied.

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Iron rich meal for teenager 2

2nd worksheet following worksheet 1 - make your own recipes and then transfer to My Meals.Tricky to do!

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High in fat, sugar, salt

Easy worksheet to find foods high in nutrients

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How much Protein?

Find out how much protein there is in a range of animal and plant foods - useful for revision.

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Lower the salt

This task is good practice for the controlled assessment Unit 2 looking at changing the salt content of dishes.

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